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Train-the-Trainer Workshop at the Harvard Graduate School of Education 29-30 APR

With the growing excitement surrounding HEAR, we are pleased to announce a third train-the-trainer workshop. The the time has never been better to partner with schools to address the critical issue of bullying. Our HEAR student survey data show 60% of students agree or strongly agree that bullying is a problem in their schools, and almost 70% of them have witnessed bullying within the last year. Workshop attendees will engage in discussion with subject matter experts from Harvard and University of Nebraska-Lincoln as they learn about the many forms of bullying behavior and its consequences, as well as how to help students consider what they can do differently to minimize bullying and enhance respectful behavior in their schools. The workshop will include a comprehensive walk through of slides, workbook content, and the website and will also provide practical information on marketing strategies, presentation TTPs, and student survey/scanform usage.


Guard representatives (e.g., RRNCOs, SGMs, CSMs, Marketing Personnel, and RRCs) are invited to participate. Seating is limited to 44 students.


Participants will learn the content of HEAR as well as promotion and presentation strategies. This information can be shared with others in their state’s RRB so that HEAR is effectively presented to high school students and outcomes for all are optimized. Participants will be awarded a framed Harvard/University of Nebraska/CTC Certificate of Completion and will leave the workshop excited and enabled to market and present H.E.A.R. in schools.


29-30 APR 14 (2 half days)


Training will take place on the campus of Harvard Graduate School of Education. Hotel accommodations are at the Sheraton Commander in Cambridge, MA (with per diem rate). For more information or to register for the event, contact us toll-free at 888-326-9229. The deadline for registration is 28 MAR.

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