HEAR Bullying Solutions

The Bullying Problem

Bullying is a serious problem impacting our children at every age level and in every academic and social environment, particularly in our high schools, middle schools and even our elementary schools.

Data from respected research bears out the severity of the problem:

  • 30% of U.S. students are involved in bullying on a regular basis as victim, bully or both. (CDC)
  • 67% of students have witnessed bullying within the past school year. (HEAR Survey)
  • 58% of high school students agree that bullying is a problem in their schools. (HEAR Survey)

Scores of organizations and volunteer groups have sprung up in recent years devoted to bullying prevention.  Celebrity endorsements, corporate advertising campaigns, public service announcements, and other awareness programs are bringing broad-based attention to this destructive behavior.

Student Engagement Lacking

Few of these efforts, however, provide a clearly defined solution for actively engaging our youth in how to combat bullying.  Despite all the announcements, legislation and decrees, too little is being done to help prevent bullying in our schools in a meaningful way. And the vast majority fail to provide the funding required to actually do something about the problem of bullying in our schools.

Research-based Bullying Prevention

HEAR is a series of world class, research-based bullying prevention presentations created by recognized experts at Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, and Career Training ConceptsHEAR combines insight derived from unparalleled research and best practices with real-world student engagement. The result is a proven, high-engagement classroom-based approach that teaches students how to identify bullying and what they can do to help.

HEAR for
High Schools

HEAR for High Schools is designed to mitigate the impact of bullying in high schools – including cyber bullying. The proven program is delivered on a classroom-by-classroom basis by trained members of the National Guard at no cost to schools.


HEAR for
Middle Schools

HEAR for Middle Schools has been created to meet the specific needs of middle school students in combating bullying in their schools – including cyber bullying – and is available as a stand-alone curriculum package, a fully delivered service or through a variety of materials and training solutions.


Project HEAR Us

Project HEAR Us Foundation is a national coalition of leading anti-bullying experts, athletes, entertainers and private enterprises whose mission is to provide research-based bullying prevention programs to schools in need, regardless of financial limitations or other resource constraints.


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