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Career Training Concepts, Inc. (CTC) is a small business with over 45 years of experience in providing training, publications and personnel services solutions that help individuals develop greater life balance between the Spiritual, Family, and Career aspects of their lives.

More than five million individuals have participated in various CTC training workshops in the areas of career guidance, leadership, customer service, sales, project management, and bullying awareness.  The company has been recognized as one of INC Magazine’s  “Fastest Growing Companies” on multiple occasions, bringing a team of corporate staff and trained instructors with over 500 combined years of professional experience. 

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HEAR Program Author


Jimmy Shafe
CTC Founder
Career Training Concepts, Inc.

Jimmy Shafe, the founder of Career Training Concepts, grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the son of missionary parents, Jimmy continues his family’s legacy by devoting significant time and energy to a number of humanitarian projects in Congo.  He is the Director of Rivers of the World-Congo (ROW-Congo), and makes regular trips Congo to work on projects there.  He also serves on the board of the North American Liaison Bureau for Congo Protestant University.   

Having witnessed firsthand in Congo the pain and difficulty caused when people are marginalized and mistreated, Jimmy became convinced that CTC needed to be a part of the solution where social justice is concerned.  Individuals bullied, denied health, denied opportunity, disenfranchised, or disrespected in any way, quite simply, have no social justice. 

In 2007, Jimmy founded a School for Single Mothers in central Congo. Many of the students at the school are victims of sexual violence and have been rejected by their families. With little education and no job training they had no way of taking care of their children. The school provides literacy training as well as French, math, hygiene and job training. When the women graduate from the 12-month school they receive a grant of a brand new manual powered portable sewing machine so they can support themselves and their children. Through the end of 2014, 198 women have completed the training with 30 more currently enrolled.

More than five million individuals have participated in various CTC training workshops in the areas of career guidance, leadership, customer service, sales, project management, and bullying awareness. 

Jimmy is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Masters of Public Administration Program and the Burruss Institute for Public Service and Research at Kennesaw State University. 

HEAR Program Author


Amy M. Smith, Ph.D.
Director of Educational Programs
Career Training Concepts, Inc.

Amy Smith is Director of Educational Programs at Career Training Concepts, Inc., where she applies her passion for children’s social and emotional well-being on projects aimed to stop bullying and promote respect in schools.  She earned a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research from The University of Memphis.  As a researcher at the Center for Research in Educational Policy in Memphis, Dr. Smith was responsible for research projects aimed at discovering instructional methods to improve student achievement. 

Prior to joining the Center for Research, Dr. Smith taught in inclusive school environments with a Masters level Tennessee teaching license.  She instructed college courses on child development for teachers, consulted with schools in the West Tennessee area, developed and delivered numerous workshops for teachers and administrators, accomplished several publications, and studied innovative education in Italy.  Dr. Smith currently serves on the Board of Directors for a charter school in Utah.

HEAR Program Author


Matthew Morgan
Vice President
Career Training Concepts, Inc.

Matthew Morgan is Vice President at CTC, where he has spent his entire professional career developing programs and curriculum designed to improve the lives of students and young adults.  Over the past two decades, Matthew has played an integral role in creating and successfully delivering educational publications and training services that have positively impacted the lives of millions in the areas of bullying prevention, career guidance, team building, personal finances and exam preparation.

Matthew was a key contributor to the development of the company’s HEAR for High Schools and HEAR for Middle Schools bullying prevention programs, and is committed to helping improve students’ lives through the adoption and expansion of these initiatives.  His creativity, analytical skills and dedication have been critical factors in the growth of HEAR and in the overall success of the company itself.

Matthew has oversight of all company systems and processes to ensure all departments are working seamlessly to deliver outstanding products and services to customers, partners and other stakeholders.  He is heavily involved in new business development and strategic planning, and has extensive experience serving as the project manager for a number of the company’s other products, services and training contracts.

Matthew graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Journalism degree.


Jeff Musumeche
Program Manager
Career Training Concepts, Inc.

Jeff Musumeche has been a Program Manager at Career Training Concepts since 2012, were he has actively managed diverse projects and teams that develop and deliver educational programs that help connect schools with student-focused curriculum such as HEAR for High Schools, presented by the National Guard.  As the CTC Education Liaison, Jeff currently oversees two education and training programs in the state of Florida, including the at-risk youth education and life skills program, About Face.   Jeff also provided vital contributions to the development of both the HEAR for High Schools and HEAR for Middle Schools bullying prevention programs.

Prior to joining CTC, Jeff’s 26 years of military experience culminated in commanding an Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion. As part of his military career, Jeff mastered all aspects of Recruiting and Retention during 14 years of service in this discipline.  Before his active duty career in the Army National Guard, Jeff was a high school educator implementing sound teaching practices mastered through his post-secondary studies.  Jeff’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management

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