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When School is a Downer, Academics Suffer Too

Guest blogger: Grace Bahk, Center Director, College Counselor at C2 Education of Newport Beach, CA

Bullying can take many forms – even social exclusion at school can have a negative effect on academic performance. We saw this first hand with a student at one of C2 Education centers: her grades dropped and she displayed lower energy than usual. It turns out bullying was a big part of the decline we observed in her demeanor and, ultimately, her ability to learn. What can appear to be a student struggling to manage schoolwork and extra-curricular activities could be due to outside pressures from the negative environment bullying can create.

At C2 Education, we conduct programs designed to support students academically, but part of our charge is to also help them develop self-confidence and establish a state of emotional well-being. We encourage parents to assist in this effort by creating a positive home environment*.


High school students participate in HEAR training.


Students enjoy a luncheon on training day with guest speakers and live music.

We also want schools to provide students with the tools they need to help reduce incidences of bullying and minimize the impact of bullying on students and the school environment itself. One example of how to do this took place this past MLK Day of Service in Irvine, California. C2 Education joined Lion’s Heart and the Project Hear Us Foundation to conduct a training event that instructed and certified high school students to become bullying prevention workshop leaders of HEAR—Helping Everyone Achieve Respect in middle school classrooms in the Orange County area.
You can’t expect a sapling to grow into a Sequoia tree if you constantly shake and kick it. Good soil, adequate watering and abundant sunshine won’t be enough to nourish the sapling along unless the shaking and kicking stop.
So, students, learn to be a force for change in preventing bullying, and, parents, please know the signs of bullying and intervene if you see a sudden drop in your children’s grades so you can provide them with extra support they need to succeed.





*Check out how you can create a positive home environment on the C2 Education blog: https://www.c2educate.com/infographics/parenting-resolutions/



GraceGrace is a Center Director and College Counselor at C2 Education of Newport Beach. She loves helping her students maximize their potential. When she’s not working with her students, she loves playing  board games and reading with her 8 year old son.

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