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Bullied Students Sneak Thousands of Guns Into Schools

In a recent article on nbcnews.com, author Bill Briggs highlights alarming CDC data on bullying and weapons in schools. More than 200,000 bullied kids brought weapons with them on school property during the month prior to the survey. Victims of verbal harassment, physical aggression, property theft or destruction and those who skip school to avoid danger are almost 49% more likely than other peers to bring a weapon to school. The potential for devastation is obvious, as noted by Ronald Stephens, Executive Director of the National School Safety Center, who states, “And when you look at many of the school shootings, they start with the small things. It could be name calling, cursing, yelling, hard looks, and then you’re moving right up the violence-continuum scale.” This is why it is so important for schools to take these findings seriously and proactively work toward prevention. Anti-bullying advocate, Donna Clark Love, explains, “We have to give our kids permission and support to report what they hear when a peer is in trouble. We have to train our bystanders to become up-standers. Schools spend so much time focusing on the bullies, and yet so little time and effort in training the largest part of the student body, they bystanders. If victims felt supported, protected, and heard by at least one of their peers, would they need to bring a weapon to school?” Requesting a H.E.A.R. presentation for high school students is one way schools can be proactive. This 50 minute presentation is offered free of charge and includes practical and safe ways that students can react when they witness bullying or cruelty (that is, become effective up-standers). Students also learn how they can become leaders and change expectations to make their schools safer places for everyone. To read the complete article discussed above, visit http://www.nbcnews.com/health/kids-health/bullied-students-sneak-thousands-guns-schools-n95781

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