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North Dakota Guardsmen Stand Up to Bullying

The Army National Guard and Project H.E.A.R. have been teaming up with school districts across the nation to raise awareness for bullying. Kids need leaders who embody the morals that the program is trying to teach them, and what better people than the guardsmen who have dedicated their lives to service and leadership.

The North Dakota guardsmen are going through the Project H.E.A.R. training that will prepare them to go into high schools to teach students the value of respect, loyalty, and the long-term consequences of bullying.

John Sayler, National Guard Operations NCO, is one of the guardsmen who went through the training. “We’re always kind of the anti-bullying group anyhow…It’s just a great way for the schools systems and the Army National Guard to get together and work on such a unique program that has become, unfortunately, quite an issue lately here in the schools and stuff.”

Sayler, and servicemen and women like him, are what make Project H.E.A.R. unique. They give kids across the country prime examples of what it looks like to stand up for their peers, and put an end to bullying for good.

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