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Making Caring Common Invites You!

Making Caring Common, a project of The Harvard Graduate School of Education and partner of H.E.A.R., offers middle and high schools the opportunity to join their Caring Schools Initiative (CSI). Schools that take part in this initiative use survey data and research-based strategies to promote caring and respect amongst students (including effective anti-bullying strategies and responses). Their pilot program was a success in 35 schools and more than 10,000 students.

For a limited time, Making Caring Common is inviting schools to become a part of the CSI for free. Participating schools will receive:


  • Online student, staff, and parent (optional) surveys, including instructions and administrative support.
  • A report of aggregated survey results.
  • A set of resources and strategies to promote safety, respect, and student leadership—primarily easy-to-adopt interventions you can implement tomorrow—but also year-long projects involving the whole school.
  • A series of CSI group conference calls and webinars to discuss results and brainstorm solutions.


The student survey is intended for grades 6-12, and takes approximately 30 minutes, while the teacher survey takes less time, only 20 minutes or so to complete. There are also optional parent surveys available through the program.

These surveys are beneficial for assessing how students, teachers, and parents respond to your school’s educational environment. Do they feel safe? Respected? Cared for? Supported? This program has been honed to pinpoint your school’s strengths and identify areas of need to help strengthen the learning community as a whole. Become a part of the Caring School Initiative to find out where your students’ priorities lie and how you and your teachers can help in making caring common.

Get your school started now by signing up for Making Caring Common’s Caring Schools Initiative Surveyonline!

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