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H·E·A·R Heads to “I AM WE” Initiative at Chapin HS, SC

Chapin High is one of the top high schools in its state, recently ranked the #4 high school in South Carolina, according to the U.S. News & World Report’s annual school evaluations. But what makes a school a great learning environment often goes beyond just its academic rigor and success – the school’s culture is also a factor. Chapin High recognizes this, based on its recent efforts to create a more caring and safe learning community.

In spring of 2013, Army National Guard RRNCO Scott Johnson presented the H·E·A·R presentation to one class of Chapin H.S. students. The students took the message of empowerment to heart, and launched their own initiative to stamp out bullying at their school. The students created a new club, named “Students Loving Students” (SLS), with the goal of giving special needs students an opportunity to be involved with other students in CHS on a peer-to-peer level. According to the Chapin HS website, “This personal involvement with each other will further develop the sense of community and caring at CHS.”

One of the first actions this new club took was to launch its “I Am We” campaign, an extension of the school’s motto “We Are Chapin.” The club created a brief “I Am We” video to spread its message.

“I am We” video

According to SFC Johnson, “The H·E·A·R program is a great success at Chapin, and the students and faculty have been very receptive. I produced 100 posters that are displayed around the school with their “I Am We” campaign message. The “Students Loving Students” club is comprised of approximately 25 students and growing to empower other students and faculty to orient toward a culture virtually free of bullying.”

SFC Johnson states he looks forward to presenting the H·E·A·R presentation to the entire Chapin HS student population during the 2013-2014 school year.

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