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CTC Announces H·E·A·R Training at Harvard Graduate School of Education

As part of its initial roll-out of its new anti-bullying presentation, CTC will be providing a H·E·A·R train-the-trainer workshop to National Guard representatives on the campus of the Harvard Graduate School of Education on July 31, 2013.

This training is designed for selected members of the National Guard, and is limited to approximately 40 participants, with no more than 2 per state.

Those Guard members attending the 1-day H·E·A·R train-the-trainer workshop will receive training on such topics as: Overview of Bullying – The Landscape Today; Walk Through of H·E·A·R Slides and Workbook Content; Next Steps and Additional Resources for Students and Educators; and Logistics and Support Materials for the H·E·A·R presentation.

Participants will be awarded a Certified Trainer certificate at the completion of the one-day workshop.

Those members of the National Guard interested in attending this workshop should contact their state leadership for more information.

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