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What If Every Day Was like the Holiday Season?

It’s a thought that many of us have had as children and perhaps one still held by those who have managed to remain young at heart: What if each day of our lives was filled with the spirit of the holiday season? Of course, the cold weather might become drab, and we’d all blowup like balloons from all the sweets and overeating, but the thought still lingers. The Holidays are the best part of the year! It’s the time that we get to reconnect with friends and family, make new resolutions, and take the opportunity to use up those sick days for a much-needed vacation. The stress from all the shopping and overtime put in at work melts away at last, and we can relax without worry.

In addition, acts of kindness seem almost effortless and more prevalent during the holiday season. Many donate money to charities, volunteer time to help those in need, give gifts, send cards, and spend quality time with loved ones over shared meals or other special activities. These types of traditions engage values found in the HEAR presentation, such as respect, selfless service, loyalty, and honor. They help us connect with one another in deep and meaningful ways. Why can’t these traditions and the accompanying feeling of “peace on earth and goodwill towards all” be on the forefront of our hearts and minds all year long?

With conscious effort, perhaps, the joy of the season CAN BE experienced throughout the year. Every day is a chance for change, and change can happen if you remain diligent in seeking and taking advantage of opportunities to do good.

So this year, be mindful of your positive thoughts and actions and how they make you and those around you feel. If we each set our intentions on connecting with others and spreading cheer and goodwill daily, each day could be the most wonderful time of the year.

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