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Clues that Your Child May Be a Victim or a Bully

In order to guide children, it is helpful to be keen observers of their daily lives, particularly in cases where danger is involved. The Times and Democrat recently published a set of signs that may indicate that your child is the target of bullying or is the one orchestrating the bullying. Children who are victims may:

  1. create frequent excuses to stay home from school
  2. avoid going to certain places
  3. show negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, depression
  4. be unable to sleep well
  5. experience changes in appetite
  6. perform poorly in school
  7. come home from school missing some of their personal belongings

On the other hand, children who bully may:

  1. behave violently toward others
  2. befriend bullies
  3. blame others and/or refuse to accept responsibility for his/her actions
  4. return home with others’ belongings
  5. agitate siblings

To read the full article, including information about the many forms of bullying and what to do if your child exhibits any of these signs, Click Here!

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