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H.E.A.R., H.E.A.R.! Early Results of an Anti-Bullying Prevention Presentation

H.E.A.R. continues to expand its capacity to impact school communities by equipping Army National Guard members with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively present this anti-bullying presentation in high schools across the country. Recently, Dr. Sue Swearer, founder of the Empowerment Initiative, and Jimmy Shafe, President of Career Training Concepts, Inc., provided training to 40 Nebraska Army National Guard members. Dr. Swearer recounts this training in a blog post which also highlights the National Guard’s role in H.E.A.R. and key findings from data collected from a sample of 4,764 students involved in the presentations. The data support the growing body of evidence that bullying is a critical problem in schools and indicate that H.E.A.R. is helping to steer students in a positive direction.

You can read the full blog at empowerment.unl.edu. And please help us spread awareness.

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