Proactive Student Engagement

HEAR for High Schools is a proactive, research-based bullying prevention program that positively impacts the views and behavior of high school students. Founded on extensive academic research conducted by nationally renowned subject matter experts at Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, HEAR informs and educates today’s high school students on the fundamental principles of respectful behavior.

Bullying Program Curriculum

HEAR consists of a 50-minute interactive classroom presentation, 16-page student workbook, training manual, PowerPoint slides, commitment banner, website, resources for teachers, students and parents, and a student survey.  Topics covered in detail include how to recognize bullying, how to understand its consequences, and strategies for minimizing bullying and enhancing respectful behavior.

HEAR draws upon Career Training Concepts’ decades of experience developing and delivering education programs, including Career Direction high school guidance programs to more than five million students.

Cyberbullying Focus

HEAR features a special focus on the expanding epidemic of cyber bullying – its growth, impact and specific strategies to prevent and respond to cyber bullying in and outside of the school environment.

Bullying Prevention Results

HEAR gets results.  Hundreds of thousands of HEAR classroom presentation materials have been purchased by the Guard over the past two years for delivery to students across the country.  Data compiled from HEAR for High Schools’ student survey shows:

  • 90% of students feel HEAR helps them understand what bullying is and why people bully others.
  • 88% feel HEAR gives them useful ideas for what to do if they witness bullying.
  • 89% report the presentation influenced their commitment to respecting and including others.

Added Benefits

Participation in HEAR offers the option to take part in Making Caring Common’s Caring Schools Initiative, which provides valuable data and resources to schools that help improve ongoing bullying prevention efforts.

No Cost to Schools

HEAR for High Schools is delivered to students at no cost by trained members of the National Guard in alignment with the Guard’s core principles and reputation for serving, protecting and defending our communities. 

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