“Many of my students indicated that HEAR really made them think about their own choices and behavior, and they committed to being part of a positive change. I highly recommend this program!”

– Lori R., School Counselor, IA


“The positive message in the HEAR presentation is already having a big impact on the morale of our school.”

– Meshelle B., Teacher, OK


“My students greatly appreciated HEAR’s message – particularly the discussions and practical strategies for preventing and responding to cyberbullying.”

– Claude D., Teacher, SC


“I have been extremely pleased … The message of anti-bullying is so pertinent with today’s young people. HEAR is interactive and scenario based which enables students to talk and identify anti-bullying solutions themselves. Our students and ultimately our school environment will benefit.”

– Dr. Bubba Longgrear, Superintendent, Candler County Schools, GA


“HEAR was equal parts informative and proactive, and proffered to the students useful and viable options designed to dissipate and/or eliminate the insidious consequences of bullying behavior.”

– Bob K., School Principal, WA


“After the [HEAR] presentation I had a young girl come up to me, thank me, and then begin to cry. She told me she has been bullied her entire life and was glad someone was at her school to help. That truly struck a chord with me and made me truly appreciate the HEAR program so much more, and the impact I can have on young people that may be having a hard time in their life…‎ Thanks again for bringing us to Harvard to learn it [at the training] and for getting it out to young people.”

– HEAR Presenter, IL


“I liked teaching the middle school students HEAR because it is needed to help in schools…people need to know that bullying is not okay and that it needs to be stopped.”

– HEAR Presenter, High School Student, GA


“I like HEAR’s focus on respect and the way students didn’t just find out about ideas but also applied what they learned by discussing the real-life bullying scenarios.”

– Brittany D., School Counselor, FL


“Passionate people can help solve impossible problems. Your passion to stop kids from being bullied is as much needed now as it has ever been.”

– Richard D., Teacher, OK

“The presentation held the attention of the audience by getting them involved.”

– School Counselor, TX

“The presentation covered many positive character traits and emphasized respect versus strictly just an anti-bullying theme. It seems like more kids could relate to the idea of respect, character and role models even if they had not been bullied themselves.”

– Jenna S., School Psychology Doctoral Candidate, NE


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