HEAR for Middle School Counselors

We Know You Are Concerned

As a middle school counselor, we know you face increasingly significant challenges in supporting your students, their teachers and the school administrators responsible for your collective success. We understand the responsibility you carry to help create a climate where each student in your school can be respected and treated with dignity, free from abuse, bullying, and harassment – in short, to feel safe. And we appreciate the importance that creating this environment plays in helping to close the achievement gap so that each student can achieve their education goals.

We know the precarious positions you have to straddle – between individual student needs and the collective needs of the classroom and school as a whole, between personal accommodation and consistent adherence to rules and regulations, between the concerns of individual students and their parents and the ability of your school to adequately address those concerns. Bullying compromises those efforts in a big way – you see it and deal with it on an almost daily basis.

We Know You Are Challenged

Today’s middle school counselor is faced with an expanding list of responsibilities and a reduced level of hands-on resources and financial backing to meet these growing demands, and addressing the problem of bullying is no exception. The message is clear from legislators, school administrators and parents alike – address this epidemic now. While this call for action is loud and clear, few of these government decrees or recently introduced school policies provide a clear direction for actively engaging our children in social emotional learning – to actually do something to address bullying in our schools. That job often falls to you.

HEAR – A Solution You Can Trust

The HEAR for Middle Schools bullying prevention program provides you with a readily available, research-based solution to your increasingly urgent need to combat bullying in your school. The program is founded on extensive academic research conducted by nationally renowned subject matter experts at Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is aligned with Common Core State Standards, ASCA National Standards for Students and ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors. HEAR for Middle Schools informs and educates today’s middle school students on bullying and the countervailing principles of respectful behavior.

The integrity of HEAR for Middle Schools is clear, drawing upon Career Training Concepts’ decades of experience developing and delivering education programs, including the Career Direction – now Career Direction 2 – high school guidance program to more than five million students. And HEAR for High Schools is supported by the HEAR Student Survey and optional participation in Making Caring Common’s Caring Schools Initiative, which provides valuable survey tools and resources to schools that help improve ongoing bullying prevention efforts.

Affordable Funding Options

Finally, we know the resource and time limitations you face in today’s middle school environment.  HEAR for Middle Schools is available as a stand-alone curriculum package, a fully delivered service or through a variety of curriculum materials and teacher training solutions.  HEAR is offered at a relatively low cost-per-student, with a wide range of staffing and funding options available, depending on school resources, local or national sponsorships, education grants and other financing opportunities.  Visit our Resources section for available funding sources and strategies for generating local partnership or sponsorship relationships in support of your bullying prevention needs.

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