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In today’s extremely tight budgetary environment, many middle and elementary schools are strapped for resources to combat bullying in their schools – they are simply unable to allocate or find sufficient funding to enjoy the proven benefits of an effective bullying prevention program.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Middle and elementary schools need the active participation and financial commitment of private enterprise to help stand up against bullying.  Corporations and cause-based organizations can help by underwriting the cost of presentation materials and where necessary, classroom instruction.

To help these schools meet this challenge, HEAR is actively seeking partners at the local, state and national level to fund the expanded reach of the HEAR bullying prevention programs for middle school and elementary school students.

Why Sponsor HEAR?

Partnering with HEAR to help end bullying in our nation’s schools presents a powerful opportunity for any consumer products, education-oriented or community-minded organization to contribute meaningfully the safety, diversity and effectiveness of the school learning environment.

How You Can Help

For more information on local, state or national sponsorship opportunities, contact Michael Ares at [email protected] or call 678-294-3651.

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