Why We Do It

Bullying is a serious social problem affecting every aspect of our lives, inflicting tremendous damage to our children, our co-workers and society as a whole. Bullying occurs at virtually every age level and in every social environment, but experts agree that bullying is most prevalent in our schools.

Impact of Bullying

The media is rife with examples of bullying and its often tragic results – verbal abuse, physical abuse, even suicide. Educators, parents and lawmakers across the country recognize this growing problem, and all 50 states have instituted bullying prevention policies for schools. Yet few of these laws and policies provide a clear direction or adequate funding to actually do something to address bullying in our schools.

Bullying Prevention Results

The HEAR Team is dedicated to changing that – and we’re already making progress. Survey data from students who have participated in the HEAR program reveals strong student engagement:

  • 90% of students feel HEAR helps them understand what bullying is and why people bully others.
  • 88% feel HEAR gives them useful ideas for what to do if they witness bullying.
  • 89% report the presentation influenced their commitment to respecting and including others.

The impact is clear – the high-engagement bullying presentations and resources of the HEAR approach inform students and help improve the lives of our youth.

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