What We Do

We work hand-in-hand with teachers, counselors and school administrators across the country to minimize bullying in our schools.

Practical Student Engagement

We combine behavioral research and analysis with real-world student engagement to develop classroom-based programs and teacher training that help educate students in what they can do to prevent bullying in their schools and communities.

  • HEAR curriculum consists of a 50-minute interactive classroom presentation, 16-page student workbook, training manual, PowerPoint slides, commitment banner, website, teacher and parent resources, and student survey.
  • Participation in HEAR offers schools the option to take part in Making Caring Common’s Caring Schools Initiative (CSI).  Schools in the CSI use survey data and research-based strategies to promote safety, caring, and respect, and to develop responses to reduce bullying and students’ behavior-related troubles.
  • HEAR draws upon CTC’s decades of experience developing and delivering education programs, including the Career Direction high school guidance program to more than five million students.

The HEAR program’s core principles of respectful behavior and active engagement have been shown to have a positive impact on students and their school environment.

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