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Funding Options for HEAR for Middle Schools

Bullying prevention solutions are necessities in schools. We believe one bullied student is one too many. Created by a group of concerned experts, HEAR provides proactive, research-based bullying prevention programs for middle and high school students. These programs impact school climate so that all members of the school community can feel safe, supported and connected in healthy relationships.

piggy bank for blogWe do recognize that curriculum costs are a factor which can impede schools’ efforts to create optimal learning environments. School budgets are always stretched thin. To that end, we actively seek ways to help schools afford our programs. Thanks to the National Guard, we are able to provide HEAR for High Schools at no-cost to schools.

The HEAR for Middle Schools program is sold directly to schools or distributed through local sponsors. You may call us toll free at 888-326-9229 to learn about pricing options for the middle school program. We encourage middle schools to consider funding options to cover or offset the minimal costs involved.

To begin, look toward your local community for funding opportunities. These options can be easier to obtain with less red-tape than federal and private grants or initiatives. Some middle schools have found support from organizations within their own school district or metropolitan area. Options include:

• Parent Teacher Associations

• School Foundations

• Local businesses

• Police or fire departments

• Faith-based institutions

Also, Rotary International, Kiwanis International, Lions Club International, and United Way are all civic and fraternal organizations with local affiliations that may be able to help.

Crowd-funding is another increasingly popular method of alleviating program costs. With rising awareness of school bullying and cyberbullying, online financial support is a viable option. Popular websites include Donorschoose.org, GoFundMe.com, and Indiegogo.com.

In addition, hundreds of grant-making foundations support programs like ours that focus on improving student outcomes. Below is a sample of grant providers. Links to each can be found at our Funding Opportunities page.

• Fundsnet Services provides access to an online database of private funding sources.

• The School Funding Center lists Federal Grant Resources by state.

• The BBVA Compass Foundation provides funding for Pre-K – 12 curriculum-based programs.

• The Braitmayer Foundation supports innovative programs to enhance education.

• The Coca-Cola Foundation offers grants that help grow educational communities.

Various government funding options are also available:

• State FTE (Full Time Equivalent) funding. Check with your state government for details.

• Title IV: Safe and Drug Free Schools Act

• Title V: Mental Health Support

The above is just a small sample of the various resources available to provide funding to schools. For a fuller list of resource suggestions, visit our Funding Opportunities page.

Our team is happy to help middle schools who want to make a difference with HEAR. Supported by data, we know HEAR impacts schools’ ability to live up to their true intent – keeping each young person safe while helping them reach their potentials in all developmental areas. Funding does not have to be an obstacle. Don’t hesitate to e-mail the team at [email protected] so we can work together to help your school.

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